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If you ignore your health, it will go away. So let us help you find the tools needed to maintain your mind, body and spirit. Only when you treat the body as a whole can you achieve complete health and balance. Happy shopping and may you always blessed be!

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Follow our blog for nourishing stories and discussions that will help you work through your own life. Whether we offer food for thought articles or share inspirational thoughts and stories or even have written discussions on current health topics, our blog will stay active and interesting. And soon we hope to have a councelor on our team to offer family therapy as well.

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The body is complex and our emotions can affect how it functions, at times. High stress levels pack a big punch and this can lead to our body wearing down faster than it would if we maintained it on a regular basis and made sure to committed to proper nutrition and exercise. We offer services such as herbal supplements and remedies, Gua Sha, stretching instructions, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and much more. We are also adding nutritionists and hopefully physical therapists and other specialists to further provide services for the body.

Guidance for your

Spiritual health can get you through the hardest times in life. Whether you are an avid church goer, more spiritual than religious, or unsure what you believe, we can help you learn to meditate and find a way to calm your spirit. Soon we will be adding a spiritual guidance counselor! Ordained as a minister, this counselor can council you and offer spiritual support.

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