Cris Talbot, LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist, The Gua Sha Lady

Mom of five Cris lives for all things natural. Her children even treat injuries and sickness with natural means and saves medication for absolute last resorts. She began as a licensed massage therapist with special  training in Gua Sha and has since then added a certification in holistic remedies and became a certified yoga instructor. Her future ambitions have her going back to school and becoming a naturopathic doctor and certified midwife.

Ashley Hinds

Reiki Master, Spiritual Consult

Mom of four Ashley shares her sister Cris's passion for all things natural. She currently has a bachelors in Psychology and is working on her masters. She is also an ordained minister that offers spiritual counseling and is also a Reiki Master. Her future ambitions are to finish her masters degree and add marriage and family counseling to her already impressive resume. As she has a passion for learning who knows what her next educational adventure will be.

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