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Introducing Power Objects By Ashley!

The Healing Elements are pleased to introduce Power Objects By Ashley! Power objects have been used in many of the oldest and most spiritual cultures of the world. However, the use of these personal totems is making a comeback in today's Energy Movement. This New Age Approach is quickly sweeping the Nation and, finally, this group consciousness has the potential to change humanity for the better. Reconnecting with our inner spirit self is vital to our health and happiness.

A power object can come in many different forms. Each individual soul is unique and requires different visual forms and energetic components. For this reason, power objects are sometimes called soul or spirit objects. This is because ancient cultures believed spirit objects would "call to" or "draw in" the person who was meant to possess it. A power object is meant to be kept near or on the person at all times possible. In times of joy, they can be charged with positive energy to pull on in times of struggle. In times of struggle, they can be used to calm and center its owner. You may notice that many of our carefully crafted power objects have specific intentions associated with them. These characteristics are not yet understood to the novice power object owner. Every object can be used with the basic beginners technique. However, these deeper intentions associated with our power objects can be called on at any time as your skill level grows. As an added bonus, each object is individually blessed and charged by our team with positive energy so that it can be used directly out of the box.

How to choose your power object?

Trust your instincts. Yep, it is that simple. The right object for you will draw you in. You will feel it pull you and an intense feeling of fascination will likely follow. My advice is to wait until an object catches your attention so much that you are compelled to pick it up. If shopping online for your power object, choose the one that you keep circling back to. This "pull" is your inner "energy" self's influences. Trust yourself.

How to use your power object?

How you use your power object depends on the situation and level of experience. We are always happy to answer questions about how to use your power objects for specialized purposes. However, here are a few basic ways they can be used. I highly recommend every human being alive learn to meditate and visualization techniques which I will create a blog for soon...

1. Basic technique: Keep your object close. If you travel, take it with you. If you meditate, always hold this object during meditation. During times of joy and positive emotions, hold your power object with both hands against your chest, Close your eyes and focus on the positive energy flowing through you. While you are feeling this positive feeling, imagine a purple smoke or light (whichever you prefer) swirling inside your chest warming your heart. Now, imagine that warm purple energy moving from your chest, through both arms, through your hands and fingers, and into the power object. This visualization will help you learn to move and manipulate energy in a very healing way. Your power object is now "charged" with your positive energy. In a way, it is like an energy reserve to pull on later. (Remember, our power object comes pre-charged by three very skilled practitioners.) During times of stress and negative emotions, the object is held to your forehead instead of your chest. This is because most negative emotions are the result of negative thoughts and reactions to life experiences. During these times of negativity, your charged power object is held to your forehead and you are to imagine the purple positive energy that is contained within your power object moving from the object into your forehead and filling your brain. Close your eyes and imagine the stress being consumed by the purple energy. Then, quiet your mind and ask your spirit self for guidance. Then, expect miracles. It is common for people who use power objects to adopt a mantra. It can be a song, quote, or prayer. Basically, it is something you can say verbally to help you work through your stress and ask your inner self for guidance.

2. Advanced technique: Many of our power objects have been carefully made to perform in a specialized way. The categories are sleep objects, protection objects, and attraction objects. Sleep objects are used for sleep related issues. This would include things like nightmares, vivid or lucid dreaming, insomnia, and night terrors. Protection objects are used for protection purposes. This includes spiritual protection (protection against spiritual attack), physical protection, and emotional protection. (Mind. Body. Spirit.). Attraction objects are used to attract your desires. This includes love, money, and other such desires. The use of the object depends on the need. For example, sleep objects are placed under the mattress, next to the bed, or worn during sleep. Protection objects are generally worn but some can be hung over doorways or buried in the yard. Attraction objects are a little more complicated. Attraction objects are used along with candles, specialized colors, vision boards, lists, or worn on the person.

Follow upcoming blogs for more information...

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